Discover Who We Are

To Discover the Undiscovered.

We are three American sisters with parents who were raised on different continents (Europe and South America) who through their love for each other and their respective cultures have made it a mission to share with us the gift of travel. Travel opens our minds and our hearts to new discoveries. Travel makes us realize that in essence we are all the same, but our culture and subjective experience mold us into beings that are all beautifully different and unique.  Through our travel experiences we have learned so much and have had the privilege of seeing how the singular talent of craftsmanship as it is applied in different cultures and seen through their varying creative lenses produces vastly different products and designs.  The detailed beauty that is woven into the fabric of a culture becomes visually apparent as it is woven into the fabric of the products they produce.

We love to travel, and even more, we love to spend time with our family. So we decided to embark on an adventure that would help us accomplish more of both! Thus, Ecuadane was born as an online market of curated short run, high quality products from around the world, exposing others to a piece of our journey, while supporting the craftsmen and women and the families that created them.  Families supporting families, sharing in the diversity of cultures, traditions and lifestyle. Curating great stories, and even greater products!

Our mission through sharing in our lifestyle is that we might create a community that supports, shares and educates - helping us all become more aware of the beauty of the human experience.

We are three sisters with big hearts and big plans. We are Ecuadane.

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