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The Everywhere Blanket comes from the Ecuadorian town of Otavalo, a place of rich history and tradition, where centuries-old artisan practices continue to thrive.

The indigenous Otavaleño people, who make up approximately 50% of the town’s population, have been weavers since pre-Incan times and they have generations of experience; seeking perfection in every detail of the products they produce. Taught from a very young age to weave and to spin yarn, these people make hand made items to support their families. Thus, on any given morning in the town square, Plaza de los Ponchos is a rainbow of textiles, illuminating the largest and finest craft market in South America.

We discovered the Everywhere Blanket in Otavalo while on an adventure to the 4,630m-high Imbabura Volcano, a journey that traverses the equator into the southern hemisphere. We were drawn to the blanket as it stood out from the other magnificent textiles in the marketplace because we could immediately see something special in the details; a higher level of artisanship and quality. We purchased the blanket and brought it home. Everywhere we went with this versatile wonder, our friends loved the quality, colors and patterns.

On our next trip to Ecuador, visiting our mother’s family, we contacted the artisan. We learned of his family’s long history in the textile business.   He told us his story of how he himself had spun from a very young age, and through his earnings from his craft had also managed to achieve his personal dreams of receiving an education, traveling the world as a working musician, and ultimately owning his own family textile business. We were captivated by his story, but even more so by the beauty of his products, which are heavily influenced by his culture and all he had seen and learned throughout his life.

We shared with him our dreams of starting our own family business. We wanted to discover the undiscovered, bringing the wonders of our travels to others and the blessing of our support to the people of other cultures who were quietly making the world more beautiful and unique. The comfort, quality, beauty and originality of the Everywhere blanket made it a perfect match and we had our first product!

Introducing the Everywhere Blanket: the most versatile blanket on the planet. Perfect for the home, outdoors and on the go. With its generous size (large enough for a king size bed) and super soft blend – The Everywhere Blanket is one item everyone should have on hand.

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Learn About The Blanket

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