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    Comfort comes in so many forms. It can be a warm space on a cold night; a long-awaited hug from a loved one; a cozy date with a favorite book in your favorite chair; even just the smell of familiar family meals filling the air.

    We all deserve to feel that sense of comfort in our own homes. At Ecuadane, our mission is to bring a lifetime of comfort to as many homes and families as we can, through beautifully curated and artfully crafted blankets, throws, and pillow cases.

    We started this company as a family venture, our Ecuadorian and Danish roots merging to create a style uniquely our own. We partner with local artisans across the world to design and create one-of-a-kind styles in the softest, most durable fabrics available, and today, we remain 100 percent family-owned.

    Creating beautifully designed, cozy comforts for your home is our heritage. For that reason, all our products come with a lifetime warranty. We’re here to help you create a warm and welcoming space for your loved ones—thank you for making Ecuadane a part of your family.


    Ecuadane products are designed first and foremost to inspire connection. Our blankets, throws, and pillowcases aren’t just for looks; they are made to be used and enjoyed with family and friends—for life.


    When we say “for life,” we mean it. With their perfect harmony of durability and softness, Ecuadane products are guaranteed to last a lifetime.


    Ecuadane would not be possible without the talent and effort of local artisans. We support those artisans in our ongoing effort to enact positive change within their communities.